Corporate Mood and Mind

The mood and mind in a company or business unit has a decisive influence on the implementation of strategies and transformation projects as well as the ability of organizations to continuously improve. Companies with a positive attitude are clearly at an advantage here.

With our Corporate Mind & Mood Approach - C/O/M/M/A - we offer an innovative approach to constantly know the prevailing moods - based on real-time employee feedback combined with big data from relevant data sources. It becomes transparent what people are currently thinking and feeling and how they behave - and why. Thus, C/O/M/M/A gives the opportunity to influence the basic mood in the team directly, precisely and proactively.

C/O/M/M/A delivers many advantages, especially with regard to employee involvement and surveys. Feedback is not only continually collected, but is much more specific to the corporate context.

Comparison: employee involvement in
traditional surveys and C/O/M/M/A

The Application

With the C/O/M/M/A approach and the software you will benefit from:

  • 01


    Receive instant and continous input from the organization regarding the current mood & mind and identify hot spots.

  • 02


    Make use of the know-how of your organization in order to even better align the next steps in your further transformation.

  • 03

    Open Dialog &

    Enhance an open dialog and regular communication regarding the aspired direction and strategy.

  • 04

    Positive Mood
    & Mindset

    Let employees actively participate in the corporate development and maintain a positive atmosphere throughout the organization.

  • 05


    Support the principles and ethics of new work – involvement, agility and initiative.

Your start with C/O/M/M/A

With C/O/M/M/A, you can track the development of the mood & mind in the company as well as the specific factors influencing it in real time. Exemplary questions which we positively influence on the basis of the real-time analysis with suitable change measures include:

  • What is the attitude of the employees to the new strategy? How far is this already communicated and understood?
  • How is the work of the management team perceived? How strongly do people feel in the company or a specific region picked up?
  • How open is communication in the company? How strong are office grapevine or gossip developed?

Based on the specific situation of our customers, we adapt C/O/M/M/A as needed. Whether it is a cultural development or merger, the management of a strategic or organizational change, the introduction of a new ERP system or support in the digital transformation. The entry into C/O/M/M/A usually begins with a pilot project, which is followed by transformation support or selective on-demand consulting services depending on the need for change.

Proof of concept

Pilot project to measure and develop the current mood & mindset in the company or unit

Transformation management

Realignment of the corporate work environment and continouus review of the progress with C/O/M/M/A

Constant pulse & maintenance

Continuous realtime feedback via the app as well as on-demand consulting services

About Us

We have been supporting companies like Allianz, Microsoft or Merck in the implementation of change for 40
years. Always with a special focus on what counts most – the people.

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Fields of consulting

We accompany our customers in the following areas:

Transformation management

We ensure that strategies and change are implemented in the company

Organizational development

We create the framework for agile collaboration and teamwork

Leadership & coaching

We support and coach your managers for a successful transformation

Business development

We create new business opportunities and increase market success

Corporate work environment

We change the way people are interacting and develp a new spirit


As consultants of the top management we work for large and medium-sized companies, mostly
international companiesand country organizations. Our customers are among others: